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Tips to understanding the current maps and trail markings
  1. Trail difficulty is indicated on a trail marker by green circle, blue square or black diamond. These shapes also display the trail number you are on. If you get to an intersection and see trail head maker for # 7, 9, 10 find the only spot on the map that those trails intersect and you have found your location.

  2. The playground parking area is the Southern most point and the power lines run East to West. The connector trail heads often are marked with two numbers, the top number is the trail you are on and the bottom number is the trail you will head to by taking that turn.

    Example: I am standing on trail 8 and come to a fork, the right turn is marked with a #8 and the left a #8 above #10. The left turn is taking me from #8 to #10 and the right turn remains trail #8.
  • As always ride within your abilities and walk it if you are unsure. Please respect the trail, other users and wild life.